Lifestyle Habits That Lead To Bad Breath

When a regular routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing isn’t enough to combat your bad breath, it could be time to ask yourself some tough questions regarding your lifestyle and habits. 

How’s Your Diet?32

Sugary foods are and should be recognized as an obvious problem. The natural bacteria in your mouth absolutely love turning sweet treats into unpleasant smells. Acidic foods create an optimum environment in your mouth for bacteria-causing bacteria. Without carbohydrates your body starts breaking down other fats and proteins for energy, producing an odorous breath that isn’t fresh. Your best bet: aim for a balanced, healthy diet with adequate amounts of fruits and veggies like red bell pepper, broccoli and crunchy veg as they help loosen trapped food particles.

How Often Do You Drink Alcohol?32

The more often you raise your glass, the more you raise your chances of bad breath. That’s because alcohol not only causes dry mouth, it can allow bacteria to linger after you finish drinking. 

Are You Coffee Crazy?32

Tea and coffee may be your morning treat, but the caffeine reduces saliva production in your mouth. Less saliva means an increase in bad breath-causing bacteria. It also means any food particles that may linger from your last meal start to break down inside your mouth. Your best option is to brush and floss afterwards.


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