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  • Bruxism : Bruxism consists of an unconscious contraction of the mastication muscles during the night. This manifests itself by a grinding or clenching of teeth. There are two...Read more

  • Dentine : Dentine is one of the tissues which form a tooth. It is white in colour. Dentine is covered in enamel at its crown (the visible part of the tooth) and in cementum at the...Read more

  • Gingivitis : Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums which become red and swollen. Although painless, gingivitis causes bleeding when brushing teeth. Gingivitis is due to an...Read more

  • Halitosis : Halitosis, or bad breath, is due to the formation of volatile sulphur compounds, which are expelled during exhalation. These compounds are made by bacteria present on...Read more

  • Mouth ulcers : Common mouth ulcers are harmless but painful. They disappear without treatment. The origin of the word 'aphte' [mouth ulcer] comes from the Greek 'aptein' meaning...Read more

  • Tooth decay : Tooth decay is a disease affecting the tissue in the teeth. It is caused by the erosive action of bacteria which affects the enamel of the teeth, and the dentine, and...Read more


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