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I have sensitive teeth, does this mean I have tooth decay?

Toothache is pain around the teeth and jaws that is usually caused by problems such as tooth decay. Teeth sensitivity could be due to their wear: over the course of time, the layer of enamel covering the teeth thins and the gum can recede. The tooth neck, in other words the part of the tooth located just where it joins with the gum, finds itself exposed. and the tooth becomes sensitive.


You could have sensitive teeth if you feel pain when your teeth are:

  • subjected to sudden changes of temperature
  • placed in contact with sugars or acidic foods

Should I visit a dentist?

Yes! The dentist will be able to treat the tooth decay and to advise you on daily treatments that are specifically developed to strengthen tooth enamel and to limit the sensitivity of your teeth.

Ref: J&J internal data

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