A new mouthwash routine to clean your whole mouth

Daily mouthwash

For optimal oral health, brushing is essential, but not enough, as your teeth only comprise 25% of your mouth area. To complement the act of brushing integrate floss and a daily mouthwash to care for the rest of your mouth!

Mouthwash helps to eliminate the rest of the bacteria present in your mouth. The tongue, the mouth walls, the gum line and the spaces in between teeth are hard to reach and clean properly. Whatever its shape, a toothbrush is incapable of reaching all these areas properly. LISTERINE® Mouthwash reaches your whole mouth and helps eliminate bad oral bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach places.

Used twice a day, a daily mouthwash helps to keep teeth and gums healthier. It prevents and reduces the development of dental plaque, one of the causes of gum problems and it also reinforces tooth enamel.

Why and how do you use mouthwashes correctly? Here are all LISTERINE’S answers. 

Ref: J&J internal data

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