4 Foods & Drinks That Keep Your Teeth White

Try supplementing your diet with the following foods. Not only do they offer you nutritional benefits, but they also help keep your teeth white. 

#1: Sugar-free chewing gum37

It’s one of those things that requires a lot of chewing – and that’s a good thing for your teeth. The more you chew the gum, the more saliva you produce. And saliva is a natural cleanser for your teeth by helping to neutralise acids in the mouth.

#2: Cheese37

Your mother told you to drink your milk for strong bones and strong teeth. And she was correct. Dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt and milk, contain the enamel-fortifying mineral calcium, which strengthens teeth to protect enamel from erosion. Chewing on cheese also prompts production of saliva, which washes away staining food particles.

#3: Water37

The best thirst quencher is also the smartest choice for your teeth. Water helps wash acid-producing foods from the mouth, which may, therefore, help reduce cavity risk.

#4: Chocolate37

Good news - substances found in cocoa appear to dampen inflammation and may help protect against erosion and decay. Despite chocolate containing sugar, it doesn’t seem to increase the risk of cavities compared to other snacks like cookies, crisps, and sweets. Dark chocolate is the best choice, since it contains less sugar than milk chocolate.

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