Protects against the germs brushing misses

protects against germs brushing misses


Germs can be nasty little things. They get everywhere – on your tongue, gums and even on the roof of your mouth. Left to their own devices, they can develop into plaque. If you are only brushing you are doing half the job. Brushing leaves behind germs that can cause tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath.

That’s where LISTERINE® comes to the rescue. LISTERINE® has the power to reach the whole mouth, and cleans deeper into those hard-to-reach places than brushing alone.

Going beyond brushing

LISTERINE® is clinically proven to kill plaque bacteria brushing misses*.


The science bit

Dental plaque is the main cause of gum disease. Plaque is a sticky deposit which forms on the surface of teeth soon after brushing and is produced by a combination of mucus, bacteria, food, etc. Preventing the build-up of plaque is an important part of good oral hygiene. LISTERINE® has a broad anti-bacterial effect against a wide range of species of germs that cause plaque,  killing them by disrupting their cell walls and inhibiting their ability to multiply. In this way, LISTERINE® helps prevent the build-up of plaque and gum disease.


*Int J Dent Hygiene 8, 2010; 317-318

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