Avoid These 4 Things That Damage Enamel

There are a number of habits that can hurt your mouth on a daily basis but look for these 4 things that could hurt your teeth.

1. Chewing on Objects

Most of us at some point have had the urge to chew on a bottle cap or pen. But doing so can spell trouble for your teeth.21

2. Opening Wrappers with Teeth

From crisps bags to sweet wrappers, we've all had to use our teeth to open packages when scissors aren't around. But for the sake of your teeth, avoid doing this and take the extra time it takes to find a tool other than your teeth to open the package.21

3. Grinding Your Teeth

Some people grind their teeth, either while awake or sleeping. When you grind your teeth back and forth, this can wear them down, as can clenching your teeth. Grinding also wears down enamel, opening the door to tooth decay. If you are struggling with grinding and clenching, ask your dentist if a mouth guard may be a good option for you.21

4. Smoking

When you have stains on your teeth they don't just look bad and unappealing, they can actually make your teeth more vulnerable to damaging bacteria.21


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